Tony Kim
          CEO, President
          Brad Fogel
          Chief Operating Officer
          Greg Braun
          Executive Creative Director
          Marisstella Marinkovic
          VP, Account Services
          Chad Saul
          Chief Growth Officer
          Don Longfellow
          SVP, Planning and Research
          Cynthia Jensen
          SVP, Media Operations
          Uwe Gutschow
          VP, Digital and Engagement Strategy Director
          Bridgett Judd
          VP, Executive Director, Digital
          Brands exist because they solve for people. When marketing lives by the same principle, people engage. And your content becomes more than just what you say. It becomes what you do. At INNOCEAN, that leads to a simple yet powerful guiding mantra.
          Do to solve.

          We believe in creating content that people want. People want to
          be entertained. They want to connect. And they want to know
          when, where and why to buy. Yet most advertising, in the traditional
          sense, still interrupts.

          When you use media and technology to create the behaviors that people like and want, together you can solve.
          We get the results that prove it.

          So how do you get people to help you drive awareness, advocate for your brand and increase your sales? By rethinking the way your brand behaves.

          It’s not just what you say. It’s what you do to solve.


          CURRENT was created by a group of passionate and innovative employees who saw an opportunity to transform a street level window into a community art gallery. Inspired by the regenerative force of the flow of water in the pacific, CURRENT exemplifies the INNOCEAN commitment to showcasing the best local and national artistic talent.

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