Wienerschnitzel: The Delicious Crew


Hot dogs had a bad rap. So we flipped the script, capturing a juicy 25% sales increase over two years. Because you can never actually go wrong with sizzling deliciousness in a bun—especially at Hungry Hour: a time of day we “discovered” as prime snack time. Leveraging our discovery resulted in ads running at just the right moment, resulting in consistent upticks at normally lower volume times.

It all came down to major market research that revealed the frank industry has an outdated reputation and while hot dogs are nostalgic, they’re viewed as an occasional food, rarely top of mind for lunch or dinner. Armed with those insights The Delicious Crew was born, an offbeat set aimed at bringing the fun, colorful world of juicy hotdogs to life. Combined with the invention of Hungry Hour, the campaign took a two-prong approach that leveraged perfectly timed media buys and a quirky, loveable, and most importantly modern vibe.