Wienerschnitzel puts humor and quirk to work.

Erasing the mystery and dialing up the charm of hot dogs.

Hot dogs get a bad rap.

Wienerschnitzel was suffering from a lot of misperceptions about hot dogs. From what they’re made of to how they’re made, we were facing an Everest of misinformation. Sales were down and our job was to make consumers feel good about going to and ordering a dog at Wienerschnitzel.

Going behind the Wienerschnitzel curtain.

We decided to tackle hot dog misperceptions head on with a campaign that offered a daily glimpse inside a typical Wienerschnitzel restaurant. Centered around two employees, Todd, a relatively young newbie with an affection for hot dogs, and Lisa, the store’s manager who makes sure everything runs tip-top. With quirky humor and charm, we showed the high-quality food, passionate employees, and showcased the brand in fresh, friendly, contemporary way. From packaging, to point-of-purchase, and a complete social overhaul, we set out to change perceptions of hot dogs and make this beloved brand fun and distinctively Wienerschnitzel.



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