Signature Kitchen Suite makes their mark with a passion for food.

A True to Food™ message launches a luxury kitchen brand.

A new brand needed a new message.

In 2016, LG created the new luxury kitchen appliance brand, Signature Kitchen Suite. Unlike many of their competitors they didn’t have an established heritage, so we needed a way to create credibility and a unique target right out of the gate.

Start with those who love cooking and technology most.

We identified an emerging target we named “Technicureans,” a group of socially conscious consumers that have respect for food and are as passionate about cooking as they are about their technology. We developed True to Food™, a fully integrated campaign that celebrates food’s extraordinary journey to the plate, speaking directly to the target’s desire to seek out authentic foods and prepare them in the best ways possible. Leading the way is the True to Food Films docu-series, featuring Mark Bittman, an acclaimed food journalist, podcast host and best-selling author. We follow Mark as he travels across the U.S. talking to the experts who know our food best. The campaign set up how Signature Kitchen Suite is proud to play its part as the last step to the table.



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