Honoring the wonder of Wonder Woman.

A bold new direction for the first female super hero.

Revitalizing an iconic symbol of strength. 

To celebrate 80 years of the legendary DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman, we were tasked with creating a new visual identity for the icon. No small task given how historically beloved and respected Wonder Woman is in pop culture. Additionally, DC didn’t want to focus solely on the length of time Wonder Woman has been present but rather the culminating impact she has made and the connection and empowerment she gives to her audience.

Hope and empowerment never go out of style.

We began by tapping into Wonder Woman’s core values of strength, truth, justice, and optimism along with her trademark traits of integrity and compassion. These themes led us to a logo that commemorated her legacy while still looking boldly ahead. Timeless, relevant and recognizable, the new logo was unveiled by Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter, and Patty Jenkins at DC FanDome, a first-ever digital convention, and then shared across all social media platforms where it became a top–performing post and sparked immediate demand for products featuring the logo. We were honored to champion such a hero.

Wonder Woman artwork
Wonder Woman marketing campaign



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