Thousand Dollar Shave Society

The Make-a-Baby-on-Purpose Challenge
Men who are ready to make shaving a ritual-who are ready to shave with purpose-are the same men who are ready to make a baby on purpose. And thus, the Make-a-Baby-on-Purpose Challenge was born.

The Challenge

Bring attention to the Thousand Dollar Shave Society, a luxury shaving brand that's already surrounded in a sea of cheap dollar club razors.

THE Strategy

Appeal to the culture of steadfast groomers who believe that shaving is a ritual, not a chore.

OUR Solution

Men who shave with purpose have reached a point in life when they're ready to make babies on purpose. So we threw down the Make-a-Baby-on-Purpose Challenge. Couples that were ready to make a baby were asked to predict the birth date of their soon-to-be-conceived child. The winning couple will not only win a lifetime worth of bragging rights for their spot-on ability to produce a child, they'd also win a really cool trophy as well.



We created a series of social media posts that talked about the 
Make-a-Baby-on-Purpose contest in a tone that couples who were ready to conceive on purpose would understand. 

The Results

During the Make-a-Baby-on-Purpose Challenge's three months of open call, 100 birth dates have been predicted, hundreds of couples got busy, and in nine months, we'll see which couple rose to the challenge and made a baby on purpose.

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