First Date

Helping Dads everywhere be more...Dad. 
Voted #1 in USA Today Ad Meter! 

Making history when it beat out 62 other Super Bowl 50 commercials, making Hyundai the first automaker to ever take the Ad Meter crown.

"First Date," a 60-second spot featuring Kevin Hart, highlights one of the incredible technology features of Hyundai's Genesis sedan. With the help of his Hyundai Blue Link Car Finder feature, Kevin does what every dad in America envies to ensure his daughter gets home safely. The spot was directed by the legendary actor, director, writer and producer Peter Berg of Pony Show Entertainment.


Welcome to Ryanville. Population: Yes, please. 
Voted #5 in USA Today Ad Meter!

"Ryanville" a 30-second spot featuring Ryan Reynolds, took fifth place on this year's Ad Meter. The ad takes a light-hearted look at the simple fact that all humans are prone to distractions. Highlighting the advanced safety features on the all-new Elantra, the ad tests the ability of two women to keep their eyes on the road while driving through the most distracting neighborhood ever-one featuring multiple incarnations of Ryan Reynolds. This spot was also directed by Peter Berg.

The Chase

Smartwatch remote start. The ultimate getaway.
Voted #6 in USA Today Ad Meter!

"The Chase" was the most-viewed Super Bowl ad on both YouTube and Facebook. Hyundai was responsible for 13 per cent of earned digital activity on the day with an estimated 390 million social impressions according to

A 30-second spot, placed sixth on this year's Ad Meter. It highlights the convenience of Hyundai's voice-activated Blue Link Remote Start feature on the all-new Elantra. It shows that this feature can truly be a lifesaver, saving two hikers from hungry bears. "The Chase" was directed by Aaron Stoller of Biscuit Filmworks.


Better is the engine that drives us.

The Results


Hyundai Super Bowl Spots


#1, #5 and #6 in USA Today Ad Meter


Global Rebroadcasts

The Chase" was the most watched ad on YouTube in February according to the YouTube
Ads Leaderboard
, a monthly showcase of the 10 most engaging ads that people watch on YouTube.  All three Hyundai Super Bowl spots were included among the top 10 most-watched
ads - including #3 "First Date" and #6 "Ryanville. 

Super Bowl 50 was the third most-watched U.S. TV event ever, with nearly 112 million viewers. In addition to the TV reach, the Super Bowl provided Hyundai with huge social media, PR and digital benefits, including spikes in social chatter and website interaction.

Hyundai also received the largest amount of PR exposure, or earned media, according to 4C Insights. The Hyundai Super Bowl commercials were rebroadcast more than 2,000 times across the globe in news segments.

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