#THISISLOYALTY was created as an opportunity for Hyundai to reach out and prove to the most diehard college football fans that we understand their language: loyalty.

The Challenge

Engage our fans without generic sponsorship lingo or dollars.

THE Strategy

To prove to college football fans that Hyundai can speak Badger (Wisconsin), or Bruin (UCLA), or Duck (Oregon) Hyundai created a campaign that spoke to the passion of each and every college football team. 

Our Solution

By creating unique TV spots, illustrations, car clings, license plate frames, and other promotional items, the #THISISLOYALTY campaign was able to dive deep into college football culture and let us speak to each team individually and link the idea of Hyundai loyalty to team loyalty.  

The Teams

Downloadable wallpaper of the Sonata custom-wrapped in your team's color.
Custom stickers and posters to represent your team.

The Experience

Hyundai knew that while every college football team has their own language, there was one common word that they all understood: loyalty. We asked schools to create a film that bests capture the idea of loyalty for a chance to win a $10,000 grant for their school. 

The Results



2m 25s



As Hyundai, we are always searching for better ways to connect to our customers and our loyal fan base. Hyundai knows that, at times, the ability to connect with our fan base means being able to shift our focus from the brand to the people and what passions we have in common with them. 

Hyundai wanted this campaign to serve as an example that even though brands might be engaged in sponsorships, big sponsorship dollars aren't always necessary when trying to connect to an audience. By diving deep into the college football loyalty culture, we were able to connect to college football fans simply by letting them know that we can understand and speak the language of college football. 

Even though we spoke to each team in a unique way, the common use of the #THISISLOYALTY hashtag we created let them respond to, and push out the Hyundai brand message as a whole. By connecting to them on their level, we were also able to link the idea of Hyundai loyalty to the idea of team loyalty. 

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