KIA All-star NBA

A true NBA fan experience comprised of escape rooms, NBA All-Star appearances, surprise & delight giveaways and much more.


As the Official Vehicle of the NBA, Kia Motors America had an opportunity to activate for the NBA's marquee event: NBA All-Star 2018. Due to an existing OEM's relationship with Staples Center, Kia was forced to find an alternative solution that would showcase its brand's partnership.


IWA designed a multifunctional activation program equipped with NBA and Kia product themes and tie-ins. We identified three different activation locations in the heart of LA to promote the 2018 Kia Stinger for NBA All-Star 2018. The main activation, the Kia All-Star Loft, featured an escape room, player / influencer appearances, 22' basketball wall, custom wrapped Kia Stingers, large forced perspective illusion, plenty of photo opportunities and additional games and prizes. Two other locations, one at LA Live and other one at LA convention center, drew further onsite engagement and consumer data capture.

The Results

The Kia All-Star Loft, complemented by the LA Live and LA Convention Center activations, proved to be a pure and memorable activation within the eyes of thousands of consumers. NBA fans were exposed to not only Kia branding and its vehicles, but had the chance to dive deeper and connect with the brand in a natural and carefree fashion.

Activation Stats


Lead Generation:
56% of Registered Guests

Social Media Metrics

Total Reach:
27.5 million

#KiaAllStarLoft Mentions:

Influencer Engagements:
1.3 million

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