FJ: Hyperflex

There are days when everything just goes right and amateur golfers start dreaming of being on the PGA tour. This is that day. 

The Challenge

Launch a new, innovative golf shoe for FJ in a competitive market filled with golfers that are younger and more athletic than ever. While the competition played up their expertise in other categories like running, basketball and tennis, FJ solidified its position as the leader in the sport that matters: Golf.

The Strategy

Show that the aggressive development of advanced materials means FJ won't compromise. 

OUR Solution

Make the amateur golfer the star. FJ represents more players on the PGA Tour than any other brand. But instead of focusing on these pros, we follow the story of an amateur as he transforms from mere golfer to player during the best round of his life.

The Results

For the 2nd year in a row, FootJoy experienced record sell through on HyperFlex and had to pull the advertising because the shoe sold out. 

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