finish line

Whether it's living legends or just regular sneaker-headed people, all of us can understand- and respect-the power of a great pair of kicks. This campaign sets out to entertain but also pay homage to all sneaker heads.


When it comes to spending, Finish Line is the "David" to the competition's "Goliath." But the simple truth remains, true currency in the shoe market is who has the freshest shoes. So if Finish Line couldn't outspend, they knew they needed to outfresh.


Shoes are pop culture. Design, innovation, style. It's an ongoing conversation between athletes, musicians and trendsetters. To make Finish Line synonymous with the latest and greatest, we need to get off the sidelines and be a player. Let's become the voice of the pop culture movement. Let's put our brand on the tip of everyone's tongue. And motivate everyone to speak the language of Finish Line.


We created the "Shoes So Fresh" campaign, an idea that Finish Line can own. It reflects the one-upping, hyper-competitive nature of sneaker culture. It's a consumer ethic that strives to always have the newest, most-classic sneakers faster than everyone else. With this important statement, Finish Line supplies the the answer to the quintessential sneaker question, "Where can I get the latest and greatest shoes?" 

shoes so fresh

We created a an online video to launch the new hashtag #ShoesSoFresh. In it, we follow our hero as he sets off on his journey through the city wearing some triple white Adidas Ultra Boosts. These new shoes carry him through the streets like a couple of magic carpets. To say he attracts attention would be an understatement. The overall tone of the campaign constantly straddles the line between humorously exaggerated and authentic.


We also created a line of animations and illustrations created by famous artists from around the world. This only requirement for the series was a need to promote the idea of "Fresh," the rest was left up to the artist. The styles were purposefully diverse to reinforce the range in sneaker-head culture.