Why is so much money invested in facepaint? And why do grown men cry during matches? Because Fútbol. That's why Hyundai decided to use its sponsorship with FIFA to showcase the fan's passion for the game instead of the typical fútbol superstars.


Be relevant because cars have very little to do with fútbol.


While other brands were highlighting fútbol superstars, we wanted to celebrate what really made FIFA special: The World Cup fans. 

Our Solution

 The campaign that revolved around the seeded #BecauseFutbol hashtag paired with TV spots and actual historical phenomena allowed fans a common ground to celebrate and commiserate everything that comes with being a die-hard fan.

The Experience

We also created a Tumblr site that was curated with custom content—that still spoke to the fans and their passion—created by famous Tumblr artists from around the world. 

The Results



25.7 million



With #BecauseFutbol, we were able to create a conversation with the viewers and our fan base by utilizing FIFA’s greatest assets: the fans. Why? Because the fans didn’t simply watch fútbol, but for an entire month, they lived fútbol, they breathed fútbol and slept fútbol. The conversation we started gave the fans an excuse for unconventional fan passion. 

This campaign served as an example that a company that has very little involvement with a sport or subject can still be relevant because of the strategic choices they make in order to talk to the viewers. It also proves that any opportunity and any medium can be an opportunity to create a meaningful connection that plays off of viewer behavior and fan passion. Not only will that influence the viewers to seek out to hear what the brand is saying, but it will influence them them to want to contribute to the conversation as well. 

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