Beach Clean up Social

Help clean up the local beach by utilizing the power of social media.

The Challenge

When we moved to Huntington Beach, CA, we wanted to introduce ourselves to the locals and do something good for the community. We noticed that there was a lot of trash on the beach and figured we could do something about it. So, for every person who 'liked' our Facebook page, we pledged to walk down to the beach, pick up a piece of trash and also donate $1 to the local Surfrider Foundation.

THE Strategy

Target locals, fans of ocean sports and Surfrider Foundation members through email, social media and Facebook ads with eco-friendly messaging. 

Our Solution

We created a Facebook app that tallied the "likes" and invited people to choose their own unique piece of trash that they could share with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Then we targeted locals and Surfrider Foundation members through email and social media. Facebook ads focused on the advertising community, eco-friendly groups and fans of ocean sports. Posters in local businesses with QR codes drove people to the app, while local artist Alex Chiu created artwork out of the mounting trash and displayed it in our agency's storefront art gallery window, attracting foot traffic to the initiative.

The Results

The first day that the app went live we doubled our company's fan count and picked up 100 pieces of trash. The second day we had another 500 new fans. By the third day we started to get scared. 10 days into the campaign we had 13,000 new friends on Facebook and had initiated a conversation with people from all over the world about keeping beaches clean. Then our entire office rolled up their sleeves, walked down to the beach and picked up literally tons of trash. We were also able to far surpass our donation goal for the Surfrider Foundation and establish a great local partnership.

The best part, the Great Beach CleanApp 2.0 is already underway.

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